Embrace the "effects" running twice in ReactJS

May 29th, 2022


Gaurav Thakur


As per the React documentation, whenever a component mounts for the first time, React will unmount and mount it again. In the beginning, it may seem like an odd behavior from React, but in the post we will explore why we should embrace it rather than consider it a bug.

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What Exactly is "this" Keyword in JavaScript

It is quite common for JavaScript developers to find this keyword to be confusing and understand it incorrectly. To get the expected results, developers make random guesses and do hit and trial. In this article, we'll discuss how JavaScript determines the value of this keyword

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All About Heap Data Structures

Heaps are a special type of complete binary tree which will always return the min/max element. We can make more efficient heaps with the heapify algorithm. Let's learn all about them in this article along with the code samples.

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What is an Execution Context in JavaScript?

The execution context is one of the very essential component of a JavaScript engine. The execution context is the environment in which the code is executed. In this article we will discuss the working of execution context in great details

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How JavaScript Array Works Internally?

Objects in JavaScript are responsible for holding the mapping between key-value pairs. Arrays are a type of object in JavaScript but with only numeric keys. Let us see how JavaScript engine optimizes these special objects with purely numeric keys

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